Best Vegetarian Restaurants In Alicante To Visit

Hello, Today we gonna talk about some amazing vegetarian restaurants in Alicante you should visit during your visit to this beautiful place. If you are a vegan then you must read this entire stuff..!!

There are many restaurants are there but it’s my duty to tell you which one is right for you based on the actual facts I found some restaurants you can visit.

Thai Corner Restaurant

Six Taste Thai Town Food Tour

Thai Corner Restaurant is one of the most famous and excellent restaurants in Alicante. It’s a very small and friendly restaurant with great service and the most fabulous thing about them is they provide delicious food with a variety of great flavors. It’s not cheap but you get value for your money. Believe me, if you visit there once, your mind won’t listen to your heart and you have to visit there again. Although the environment is not so good (average), the food is very delicious.

Don Carlos Alicante

Don Carlos

This restaurant has the same features that Thai Corner Restaurant has but it’s cheaper than Thai Corner, it also has an amazing environment. The amazing fact about this restaurant is the chef who owns this restaurant, he is a professional chef who has worked under the likes of Gordon Ramsey and other celebrated chefs in Paris and London.

Now you can decide yourself you should visit there or not but in my opinion, If you visit Alicante then you should visit this restaurant once.


Fabulous veggie restaurant #alicante #bodhigreen

This restaurant also provides delicious food with the good environment but the only problem is you should have booked before going there otherwise, the staff is very rude they won’t let you eat a single slice even if the restaurant is empty, they won’t let you… Well, it doesn’t matter because they provide the best quality food, there are lots of vegan options and a great menu that usually changes after every 15 days.

Before going there, you should consider two things: first, it’s a bit expensive. Second, it need reservation. Otherwise, they won’t let you eat :)

Mish Mish

Vegetable Paella

It features a large variety of Arabic dishes with many being vegetarian. This restaurant is very friendly, they provide food at a reasonable price, especially alcohol. However, their smoothies are not actually freshly made. It tasted like it’s just pulled off from the freezer. The majority of the people love their lentil soup. The only problem with this restaurant is they need more options.

In my humble opinion, in case you want to spend some money while visiting Alicante, you can go for Thai Corner or Bodhigreen. Otherwise, if you want something cheaper, then go for Don Carlos Alicante and Mish Mish restaurant.

If I were you and I had no money to go for Thai corner and Bodhigreen. The first thing I would do is I rent my car for one day; yes you can rent a car in Alicante. Then, I go inside both of them and have the good quality food with a great service but still if you ask me which “one” is the best to go for then I would like to suggest you Bodhigreen because you will find peace out there, which is the most crucial need while having a lunch. It doesn’t matter it’s a little bit expensive all that matters is you deserve quality.

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