Shop with Friends: TOP 7 Countries To Go Shopping

Every woman knows that shopping-tourism is the best way to spend time, relax and enjoy shopping. Of course, you can have much joy by learning new interesting places, learning shops and purchases. This is your chance to read about TOP world countries to choose the right place for shopping. The most of them are worth attention of the most experienced shoppers.


Impressive country is the capital of the most popular brands and true fashion. Italy is hard to believe without modern shops. The fashion capital of the country is Milan. You may have the amazing trip over the main Italian cities: Rome, Florence, Venice and Milan. You trip can be easily combined with the pleasant shopping tourism. Italy is a country of elegant architecture and nature beauties. The shop assistants are friendly and always ready to help. They know many languages to communicate with their clients.

Everyone likes sales, so-called Saldi. The period of sales in Italy is January and June. The prices for clothes are very low here. Nevertheless, they are not staying for sale for a long time. You should be in a hurry to find clothes of your favorite brand for sale. By the way, people come here just to buy something worthy and expensive, but not cheap brands.

Being in Italy, never forget to learn the city attractions, museums, galleries, fashionable boutiques. Be attentive and do not forget to take the checks from the shop. There is a special service in Italy that is predicted to check the purchases. You should have the checks in your bag! So, what is the best place to shop in Italy? Of course, it is Milan!

Milan Fashion Week 2013 Giorgio Armani


USA is the best developed popular country that likes shopping. There is nothing strange in it. The prices for clothes are low and the goods are high quality. So, you will never worry about the quality of goods that you’ve just bought. USA is the first country to buy electronics and technic. Apple Company produces its world-famous gadgets in America. Of course, you can buy iPhone in your country. Nevertheless, it will be safe to buy it in the USA. Also, you are lucky to buy cheap laptops, netbooks from the popular producers. So, there are many advantages to shop technic in America.

Other products that you are going to buy in the USA are clothes. The sales are big and the choice is wide here. Of course, everyone wants to achieve a dominant position in the American Market. The competition is high and the companies do not want to high the prices. It is a good tradition in the USA to shop with friends in a big company. The local boutiques, shops and shopping malls look good. It is very pleasant to walk here.

The country is attractive not only of shopping but interesting places. There are many famous museums, where people from all over the world come to learn something new, walk along the picturesque boulevards, listen to Jazz music and meet professional musicians. Oh, one more thing. There are many friendly squirrels in America. You can feed them and touch. You can also go to the park to laze on the grass. Everything is clean and pleasant. What is the best place for shopping in the USA? Of course, you should go to New York first.

Times Square New York


The beautiful country with the capital in Madrid welcomes you. Spain impresses you with its beauty, elegance and architectural masterpieces. What do you think when you hear the name of the country? It looks tasty, impressive and expressive, spiced with folk dances and chic dresses. What about the cities? Just hire the car in Barcelona and go to see Toledo, Sevilla, impressive Mallorca. What a great pleasure to see the clean beaches, friendly personnel and big sales!

You can buy clothes profitably. You can also buy jewelry, Spanish wine and tasty cheese. Pay your special attention to the variety of boutiques, La Roca Village outlet. This is the right place to buy good clothes. Where is the best place to shop in Spain? Of course, it is in Madrid and Barcelona.


Shopping tourism in UAE seems to be a big adventure, never ending joy and pleasure. You can buy not only clothes, but technic, clothes, medications, national food. Never be surprised, if the prices are too low. Shopping tourism is very popular in this country! Just try to trade masterfully, lower the price. Where is the best city to shop in UAE? Of course, you should go to Dubai!

Radiant Jewelry


This is the country of fashion, elegance, style and shopping tourism. Paris is a legendary capital, where the most of modern shops and boutiques are situated. You can catch the sale 2 times a year in France. This is your chance to save about 70% of your money. You cannot stop yourself from buying exclusive and fashionable clothes. Where is the best place for shopping in France? You must go to the best world capital ever – Paris!

Great Britain

If you are going to Great Britain for tourism, you should be tolerant and use just polite and friendly worlds to talk to locals. People are very polite here; they are also prim and ice. You can visit famous museums, galleries, Big Ben, Tower. Never forget to visit the cozy shops at the ancient streets of London. This is your chance to buy clothes from the world popular designers. You can also buy ceramics and books. Oh, one more thing. You should buy the tasty aristocratic tea! What is the most attractive place to go shopping in Great Britain? It is London, definitely!

Westfield Shopping Centre


This country is well-known to everyone. You can buy a lot of things for cheap, including cars and cosmetics. Shopping-tours in Germany boast its low prices and variety of goods. Going shopping in Germany, you should buy cheap but high quality clothes in the market and boutiques. What do you want: cosmetics, souvenirs, clothes, anything! Where is the best shopping in Germany? You can find it in Dusseldorf.

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