Brief Introduction

A security guard or a security officer plays an important role irrespective of where he is working. He is meant to secure the premises of office, irrespective of size of the company and other places including houses, hotels, banks etc. Dubai offers different types of employment opportunities to large number of candidates, and the best part about this job you don’t have to be highly educated. The job also involves patrolling of property, monitoring of surveillance equipment.



With different work places, responsibilities may differ. Following is the list which describes duties of security jobs:

  1. Providing protection to property of company and staff by maintaining a safe and secure environment
  2. Observing and taking necessary steps when signs of crime or disorder and also investigating the cause of disturbance
  3. Security guards may use alarms and surveillance equipment when required
  4. Control access at a gates
  5. Simply patrolling a property on foot in order to ensure safety and security
  6. Calling police or Fire Departments in cases of emergencies for example presence of unauthorized persons or fire
  7. They need to answer telephone calls to take messages, questions
  8. Providing information during business or non-business hours or when visitors asks
  9. Documenting or recording information, entering, storing, or maintaining data as required
  10. They need to carry out spot checks of incoming goods to ensure that they correspond with the relevant invoices and many more.

Candidate’s Requirement

  • Excellent communication skills to communicate with employees and visitors
  • Capable of patrolling the premises on foot
  • Capable of monitoring premises through advanced security cameras
  • High school degree while some states have no minimum requirement
  • Proven prior work experience as a security guard or relevant position

How to Apply for Jobs

  • Word of mouth proves to be effective source in getting security jobs in Dubai
  • Another way is registering on different job portals which is absolutely free of cost helps candidates in getting jobs.

Career in Security Jobs

There are different types of security jobs in Dubai which are listed below:

  • Security guards seen in public. They may be armed or unarmed. For example:
  1. Retail store
  2. Bank
  3. Shopping mall
  4. Hospital
  5. Resorts
  6. Motels etc
  • Another type of guard whose role is to stand and patrol the access gates of a plant or military base. They are usually armed or can be holding the position of a policeman
  • Some guards have the role of protecting costly or valuable items like in an art museum
  • Other security jobs include jobs on seaports, where they are meant to keep a regular watch on ships or ports
  • Armed security officers working in defense.

Salary Package

The salary of a security guard depends on following factors:

  1. Experience in security- the more is the experience the more is the salary package along with other benefits
  2. Law enforcement
  3. Education level and location.

On an average a security guard in Dubai earns AED 2100 per year.

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