Hearty Welcome: The Dozen Of Interesting Hotels In Reykjavik

Travelling to Iceland much differs from your travelling to Paris or London. Nevertheless, speaking about high quality service, Reykjavik gives a head start to its famous neighbors. British experts made the list of best-visiting hotels of Iceland. As it happens, the leaders of the rate were not only lux hotels, but several budget hostels and boutique-hotels. Let’s learn them all!

Borg Hotel

The historical hotel Borg is the first lux hotel that was built in Iceland. The elegance of art-deco style is combined with modern conveniences. Actually, they are SPA-salon, restaurant, bar, fitness-center and many other things. The hotel counts 43 comfortable rooms. The expert estimate of Borg is 9 out of 10. The room price starts from 180 EUR.

101 Hotel

This is among the first boutique-hotels in Reykjavik. It is still the best of the best. The interiors are impressive, futuristic. There is a big surprise – hotel boasts its own collection of modern art works. You can also use sauna, hamam, fitness-center, SPA-center and many other pleasant moments. The expert estimate of 101 Hotel is 9 out of 10. The average price for suit is 310 EUR and more.

101 hotel

Reykjavik Marina Residence

Meet the most expensive and top rate hotel in the city – Reykjavik Marina Residence. It occupies two building that are carefully restored and renewed. The buildings stand along the picturesque harbor. There 7 lux suits in it. Each of them holds the name of the Iceland ship. The territory of each suit is 40 square meters. You are impressed of chic interior and individual service. The rooms are also comfortable for families. The price starts from 1 082 EUR. Coming to Reykjavik in the hot season, you should pay 2 190 EUR. The expert price is 8 out of 10.

Grand Hotel Reykjavik

The biggest hotel in Iceland is Grand Hotel Reykjavik. The hotel’s position is successful. It is comfortable to get to the city interesting places. It usually takes no more than half an hour on foot. The hotel SPA is considered to be one of the best in the city. There is Jacuzzi, sauna, relax room to spend some time in romantic atmosphere. The fireplace and candles look romantic. There are 315 roomy and cozy suits in the hotel. Their price starts from 176 EUR. The expert estimate is 8 out of 10.

Reykjavik Centrum

The hotel Centrum lies in the center of the city in the oldest street. The position is comfortable, is not it? The hotel has 89 suits that are organized with modern conveniences, including TV, Fridge, tea-coffee sets. The price starts from 172 EUR. The expert price is 8 out of 10.

Hotel Reykjavik Centrum

Radisson Blu Saga

This hotel place is the best complex building in the city. It is overfilled with modern conveniences; three restaurants, SPA, beauty-salon, bar, kids’ club, fitness-center, sauna, hamam and others. There are 209 suits in the hotel. The main feature of 209 suits and guest rooms is window view: city, mountains, and sea. The price is 155 EUR. The expert price of Blu Saga is 8 out of 10.

Kex Hostel

This is the typical budget hotel-hostel in the city. The price starts from 50 EUR. The main hotel feature that is definitely worth your attention is beautiful view. What is more, the hotel is placed close to the city restaurants, shops and popular night clubs. The expert price is 8 out of 10.

Hlemmur Square

The hotel offers living in the stylish hostel and comfortable lux suits. This is the first and successful experiment for Iceland, combining opposites together: expensive hotel and cheap student hostel. The hostel occupies 3 floors, offering about 300 beds. The rooms are organized with free Wi-Fi, home theatre, storage room.

Speaking about the hotel, it has no more than 18 suits. The suits are characterized with comfortable beds, TVs, mini-bar and beautiful terrace. The hotel offers using restaurant and lobby. There is also a play room for kids. The guests have a great opportunity to ride a horse! The price for hostel is 16 EUR, hotel – 250 EUR.

Abuja hotel room

Viking Hotel

Meet interesting thematic hotel. It consists of 42 surprising rooms, full of art, work and cultural samples of ancient Iceland. This place is also used to ever-year Viking Festival. The rooms are modern, but interesting decorated. The wooden dining room, sauna, SPA-pool, and cave-rooms are worth seeing at least once in your life. Thus, the hotel lies 10 kilometers far from the city. You should hire a car in Reykjavik to get to the right place. The hotel is out of the question. The expert estimate is 10!

ION Luxury Adventure

This hotel is also placed in the city province. It takes about hour to get there by car. It is absolutely modern, naturally surrounded with ice and fire. This is a unique chance to watch Polar light just from the hotel window!

Rey Apartments

The apartments are placed in the very center of the city, in the trade streets and modern district. The hotel is traditionally equipped with satellite TV, kitchen, dish-washing machine and many other pleasant conveniences. The wooden floor and stylish furniture look great! The expert estimate is 8 out of 10.

Reykjavik Residence Apartment Hotel

Apart-hotel Reykjavik Residence offers the set of standard high-class hotel services for you: TV, kitchen, free WiFi and iPod, iPad dock stations. The apartments are situated in the central noisy street of the city. The noise from the street does not disturb you through the sound-proof windows. Apart-hotel is close to the city popular restaurants and night clubs. Need more information? The hotel administrators are ready to help you. The expert position is 8 out of 10.

Bavarian Hotel Dining Room

Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland, can be easily named one of the most amazing and admirable cities in the world. It impresses with its beautiful nature and harmony. Reykjavik is not very big city: more than 200 000 citizens live there. You cannot see industrial organizations, factories and sky-tall buildings. This is the capital of clean air, calmness, natural simplicity and self-organization. The city is full of interesting places. So, try to find the right hotel in the right place.

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