Stylish Life In Greece: TOP 10 Unique Design Hotels

Classic Greek interior style supposes minimum details to enjoy the colors of nature but not bright colors. The hotel Cavo Tagoo boasts with two colors: elegant white interiors and bright-blue sea. The hotel is considered to be the most elegant in Greece to combine ancient traditions and minimalism. The bar counter of the hotel is in form of big aquarium of 40 meters long. There is business hotel Grecotel Pallas Athena in Athens. The hotel interior was created by prominent city painters and architects. Every room is individually decorated: bright pictures, interesting sculptures.

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Maidstone 5

Ilio Maris, Mykonos Сity

The main hotel feature is unique design. This hotel occupies stony building that is typical for island architecture. The walls are stony, decorated with wooden elements. Nevertheless, the main and original design elements are big pictures of different stylistic schools and directions. They are everywhere in the hotel. The most of rooms are decorated with huge photo pictures with the sea views. The public zones are organized with cosmic and antique thematic.

Katikies Hotel, Santorini

Santorini Island has lot of nice hotels with design decoration. The most prestigious of them is Katikies Hotel. It is situated on the top of a hill to occupy beautiful building in the national style. The guests are offered to take snow-white rooms for rent. All of them are organized with parquet floor, white wooden furniture. If you like comfort, you will be attracted with the big bed, white bed sheets and interesting pictures on the wall. Look at the seaside view from the window.

Lindian Village, Lardos

If you like to spend time in the stylish atmosphere, pay attention to Lindian Village Hotel. It offers to all visitors to live in the lux design rooms decorated in different styles. If you are jolly and cheerful, you will line in a green room, decorated with pleasant textiles and interesting pictures. There is also special proposal for just married to stay in the snow-white room with the huge king-sixe bed. The most of rooms are equipped with big roomy balcony, hidden from prying eyes.

Day Bed

Hotel Odyssion, Lefkada

Lefkada Island attracts people with the interesting design and decoration. Hotel Odyssion is a sample of national style: roomy and light suits are furnished with solid wooden furniture and grey-blue textiles on the wall and windows. You can see admirable pictures with the sea views from the local painters. The interior decoration is naturally fresh and pleasant. Pay attention to the big number of wooden articles, artistic installations and expressive compositions made of fresh flowers and aromatic herbs.

Sunrise Resort Hotel, Molyvos

This is the island where you can find great many of design hotels for your taste. The most impressive of them is high class hotel Sunrise Resort Hotel. The rooms are decorated with light soft colors, masterfully mixed with bright accessories of orange, pink, blue and beige colors. The bed textile is bright. The windows are also decorated with bright curtains. Of course, the most charming thing in the room is panoramic window and light system.

Afrodite Hotel Apartments, Lemnos

The travellers are fond of design solutions of Lemnos hotels. If you are in search of the best and the most interesting place to live, welcome to Afrodite Apartment. This original hotel is situated on the beach Richa Nera. The hotel occupies beautiful historical building with the high wooden ceiling and walls. The suits are furnished with antique wooden furniture in colonial style, wrapped in the colorful textiles. Never forget about the big vases with fresh flowers.

Room with a view

Lesvion Hotel, Mytilene

You can choose the room for your taste here. This is the hotel of family classic. The roomy and light suits are decorated in pastel colors. The furniture is solid and traditionally wooden. What makes interior so special? Look around! The rooms are decorated with beautiful textiles of different texture and colors and bright wall pictures of the modern painters. Pay attention to design lamps. They are also original. All suits are equipped with panoramic windows, well-furnished balcony, where you can see the admirable sea view.

Hotel Varres, Zakynthos

Zkynthos differs with the variety of design hotels. You can choose any of them according to your taste. If you like classic and high aesthetic, you should pay attention to Hotel Varres. The local designers could make harmonic and impressive interior in the hotel. The rooms are decorated with calm pastel colors. Pay attention to sweet and admirable compositions of fresh flowers. The decoration is done in big mirrors and beautiful textiles, colorful pictures and comfortable public zones. The light system is amazing. It makes interior mysterious and pacified. It is good for romantic dinner and relaxed gathering.

Zorbas Hotel & Studios, Pythagoreion, Samos

The hotel Zorbas Hotel & Studios has small status but harmonic atmosphere. It is decorated in modern style to look pretty nice. Look around! The walls are painted white and pastel colors. It is furnished with elegant furniture made of wood and ornamental plants. There is big collection of pictures and past century accessories. You can see wooden furniture, textile clothes, bright wall pictures. They are original and distinctive.

interior design oxford rogue designs

Atrion Hotel, Heraklion

Heraklion boasts with original design hotels. The leading position is held by Atrion Hotel. This colorful and modern hotel differs with solid, but glamorous and original interior. The base of it is white colors and beautiful furniture decoration. By the way, the hotel furniture is made of dark wood. What about bright colors? The bright stain of the hotel interior is red drapery. One more attractive feature is numerous wall pictures everywhere around. They are painted in different styles and color grade. There are many rooms with interesting lights. The windows are traditionally big and light.

Do you like balconies? They are big and attractive to meet sunset there.

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